Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Moving On Up

For some reason it had never dawned on me to let both followers and new readers that I've moved to a new blog.

Fawn & Deer is a Life|Style|DIY blog not too different from The Tiny Atelier.

I wanted a fresh start while pregnant (bambino is now 3 months old) and the name is also used for my new Etsy shop, selling self designed and handmade jewellery with accessories coming soon.

Check out the blog HERE and the shop HERE.

You can also follow me HERE on twitter, HERE on pinterest and on instagram @fawnanddeer.

Thank you for following, reading and commenting on this blog and I hope to see you at my new home soon.

Sunday, 20 November 2011

To Market, To Market

What better way to get back into blogging than with a post for our good friends at Stour Space. There's only two Designer's Markets left before Christmas and just a couple days before you can grab some early presents this coming Saturday 26th.

But before we get into the crafty goodness and handmade goodies that will once again be available at the Space (as well as the plethora of designer makers now on-board) let's catch up on a few little changes over at Roach Road.

First things first, a bit of a face lift has taken place since last we visited...

Plus the edition of The Counter, an awarding winning cafe that has joined forces with Stour, serving up yumminess to all...

And one major change - Rebecca, Stour Space founder and director, went and got herself all married Up in Sweden (with a reception at a later date at Stour obviously!) so big congratulations to R xxx

Now on to the really good stuff - a sneak peek at what and whom you can expect to see at the end of the month...

Firstly, a designer/maker who's previously made an appearance on the TTA blog - 'Miwary' was evolved from Japanese crafts and English countryside shabby chic. Making accessories in East London, 'Miwary' has become so very Alice in Wonderland with fabric teacups, tiny felt boot brooches and sleeping baby bunnies...

As well as selling via etsy, markets and the online shop 'Miwary' also retail at 'Queenie & Ted' boutique on Columbia Road, who also just happen to be making an appearance at Stour this month with their own range of unique upcycled clothing. With fine art backgrounds, Linda Gray and Kally Laurence use vintage fabric, trimmings and buttons to create quirky fabric motifs from teapots to caravans and then work them into pre-loved garments...

If you prefer to do it yourself rather than have someone bring the craft for you then check out the goodies available from Emma Patterson. Normally heading up creative think tank 'Ickle M', the team behind 'craft+nana', Emma can be found selling finish it yourself Moss Terrariums and cute cake greetings cards...

For great little stocking fillers plus gorgeous handmade underwear (bookmark their Etsy page on your fella's laptop if you can't drag him to the market) check out Neeksie for sleep masks, heart hair clips and the aforementioned undergarments...

If you can't make it to the Designer's Market this month make sure to pop along on December 17th for festive goodies from the Stour Space collaborators or check out Stour Collective throughout the month for a showcase of work from over 40 of their in-house artists.

Monday, 26 September 2011

New Season Top 5 Picks: Uniqlo

A/W11: Uniqlo
[The Tiny Atelier]

Extra Fine Merino Long Cardigan £29.90
Ultra fine Merino wool for less than thirty quid?
Available in four colours, our favourite is this this deep dark Dijon of a mustard.

Boat Neck Long Sleeve Stripe Tee £14.90

We love us some jersey here at TTA and what could be better than cream and chocolate Breton-style stripes?

Heat Tech Skinny Fit Straight Jeans £34.90

Everyone should have a good pair of skinny navy jeans in their wardrobe, especially when the colder weather hits. This pair have an added advantage that will help stave off the big chill even further - the Heat Tech technology actually creates heat from your body's own moisture, keeping you even toastier!

Cable Infinity Scarf £19.90

The snood (last winter's must have wardrobe staple) is given a luxurious twist in a cable knit wool blend, here in chocolate brown. It's length also means you can loop your arms through to wear as a shawl/cardigan...
Wool Short Duffle Coat £69.90

When you have no choice but to face the autumn wind do it in preppy style with this hip length duffle in forest green, a perfect offset to navy, mustard and chocolate.


Saturday, 24 September 2011

The Little Shop That (Finally) Was

While my parents gave me the middle name 'Marie' I'm pretty certain it should have been procrastination! I can't remember how many months it's been that I've been saying I would stock The Tiny Atelier shop again, and this time do it properly, but it never happened...until today.

With two weeks holiday from work coming to a close, and a lack of things to do thanks to my still healing ribs, I grabbed a few photos and started uploading. The whole store, layout, fonts, banner etc was already done so it was pretty quick and easy.

Hopefully the weather will be OK tomorrow so I can go out into the back garden with the cat (who is now under supervision due to climbing and getting stuck up a fence - the whole adventure ending with me up a step ladder so he could clamber onto me and then hide in my coat!) and get some more snaps and upload while the F1's on.

For now, here's a quick snapshot of the store's homepage or just head over their and take a look for yourself :)

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Recipe: Herby Mushroom Pasta

For lazy sofa days (like I'm having today - chest injury plus cold = not fun) when you've still got to create something yummy in the kitchen this is the perfect recipe. Not only does it use all fresh ingredients (no pre-made sauces here) it takes no longer than 10 mins including prep...  

250g sliced mushrooms
150ml vegetable stock
3 tablespoons cream cheese
2 garlic cloves
2 tablespoons wholegrain mustard
Handful of chopped parsley
Black pepper


RECIPE: (serves 2 with a little leftovers - reheats well for lunch the next day)

First sautée the mushrooms and garlic in the butter. Rather than using a garlic press (which never seems to work out for me) or attempting to chop it small enough I use the small side of the a treat. Once the ingredients have softened and started to go slightly golden add the veg stock and keep the heat at a simmer. Add the mustard and LOTS of black pepper and stir through. Once the stock has reduced slightly then add the cream cheese, stirring quickly to create a sauce. Once the pasta is cooked (per packet instructions) add the parsley to the mushrooms. Drain the pasta then add a little at a time to the sauce mixing to coat.

Hello Liberty

This has to be one of my favourite fashion collaborations - Japanese icon Hello Kitty and British institution Liberty of London. Using a mix of new prints and ones archived from the 30s the collab has brought about a range of products from cosmetics through stationary to alarm clocks and jewellery in the world renowned ditsy florals with a HK twist - Kitty Town features all of the Sanrio characters in a quaint English countryside setting, Music Festival sees Kitty playing her favourite instruments, Apple Tree features one of HKs favourite foods, Kitty Wonderland is a fantasy world with all of Kitty's favourite toys while Karenkubo is an adaptation of an original 30s print.

Launching exclusively at Liberty from September 26th.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

'One Night Stand' - Oh Marc, You Minx!

While nail wraps have always followed fashion's ever changing trends, and designers have already collaborated with the manicure market (think Giles Deacon and Wah Nails) Marc Jacobs has been the first to design a full collection of designs, with Minx. The series of wraps, named 'One Night Stand', are all limited edition and use colour palettes seen in Marc's own a/w 11 collection...