Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Vintage Bathrooms

Fingers crossed in a few weeks we'll be installing a new bathroom suite into our house. Our current one is very bog standard (non-purposeful pun there) and cheap but we have been given a freestanding bath and pedestal sink so all we will need to buy is a new toilet. If the bathroom stays in the room it's in now then we'll just do a little touch-up decorating - it's quite spa-like with white floorboards, white muslin curtains and sand coloured walls and giant tiles. If, however, we are able to move it to the smaller 2nd bedroom I'm thinking a cosy vintage look will be in order - especially since this room houses one of the two original fireplaces. The space where the sink would go would also allow us to have a vanity unit! And I'm thinking of lots of extravagant, over-the-top details - chandelier light fitting, heavy pile cream carpet, vintage mirrors...Ooh the possibilities...

♥ the metro tiles, the vanity unit, the deep plum wall, the venetian glass mirror ♥

♥ vintage serving tray filled with bottles, jars and vintage trophy cups for storage ♥

♥ the vintage trolley filled with rolled up towels ♥

♥ the painted towel rail and the freestanding shower ♥

♥ the organised baskets and vintage ladder as towel holder ♥