Wednesday, 20 April 2011

'99 Forever

What where you doing on New Year's Ever 1999 just before the world moved into a new Millennium?

My cousin, Olivia, was just 9 years old and only ever having known the Nineties was a little trepidatious about moving into a new century. She's now almost 21 (jeez how time flies!) and using her memories of that night for her final year uni film project.

Not only do they get marked on the film itself but also how they promote it. The '99' team have set up a Facebook page and need as many 'likes' as possible so head over to the '99 Forever Facebook Page' and get clicking!!!

See more of Olivia's set design work on her blog Goldielocks & Cupid.


Marthaamay O_o said...

I'm a liker of '99.

I learned to put my fingers through a candle flame on that night, I was very scared, and thought it would burn!

Olivia said...

Aw Thank You Nicki! A lot of the back up work that needs to be handed in for this is about what a nine year old girl in the nineties thinks of as cool in older teenage girls - and a lot of it was about you! :D x

The Tiny Atelier said...

Aw I think you just made my heart melt :) x