Thursday, 21 April 2011

Paper Bags & Candy Stripes

How much does this purse make you nostalgic?
Natalie Thakur is a London based leather designer whose 'Reusable Range' highlights the disparity between disposability and longevity.

 Available to buy from Howkapow.

I'm looking into a purse friendly (but not as long lasting) alternative for packaging my items if/when I do a market:


Marthaamay O_o said...

I love these Tiny A. Thank you for showing them. I like how they look soft and although it's a simple stripe, the connection to a paper bag is very obvious.

I ahve a number of a paper mag company I can give you, but I don't have it here at work with me... cheap cheap.

Gold ones would suit your shop.

Also, I ahve been trying to get into your cartel shop since Sunday and it keeps saying it's not avail...

The Tiny Atelier said...
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The Tiny Atelier said...

that would be great thanks maarfs. I have seen some on ebay but they look like they'd rip if you breathed too quick near them. the bigcartel site is down at the moment and will be back end of june. where you just browsing or looking for something particular?

Marthaamay O_o said...

A bit of both.

I shall look for the contact tomorrow in the day light and email you.

The Tiny Atelier said...

thanks maarfs. if theres anything particular you've seen that you'd like just give me a shout coz i can still do sales thorugh paypal til the shop re-opens