Sunday, 13 March 2011

Dream A Little Dream Of Tea Part 1

Well, tea, cake and vintage clothes to be precise.

Two recent finds from the blogging world of Tea Shop/Vintage Emporiums are not helping my long held desire to own such a shop (though mine would also sell Penguin books and vintage homewares).
Cafe Vintage, Mountgrove Rd, London


The Vintage Emporium, Brick Lane, London


Marthaamay O_o said...

A friend of mine introduced Cafe Vintage to me last week as we were driving past but I have not gone back yet, is it said to be reallllly nice? It's a little shop too right?
The road that it is on is not where you would expect something so lovely looking to be, it's round the back of Arsenal/Fins Park St & on a tiny strip of small shops and takeaways! I need to go, you have inspired me to go sooner than I would have done.

The Tiny Atelier said...

I live no where near it unfortunately but next time im in ldn (hopefully this summer) I shall be checking at least one of them out

Marthaamay O_o said...

Let me know when you are down and we'll meet up and go to the Vintage Emporium together.
I'll resist the temptation till then. Make a fun blog tea meet out of it!

The Tiny Atelier said...

Well now it looks as if this years holiday will be a week in Paris! :)
But I'm hoping to do a weekend in London over the summer. I like your use of blogging as an excuse for tea, cake and vintage clothes shopping.

Samantha Louise said...

I was having a think. I have been in the VEmporium, but only downstairs where I think they have things to buy that are not drinkable.

Blogging is always a great excuse for fun things!