Monday, 28 March 2011

Felt Tipped Tips

The dip dying technique has been around a while now but has mainly been seen in the form of sun kissed colour added to the bottom half of the hair for a natural look
But salons such as Bleach London, who are paving the way in hair innovation, have been referencing '90s grunge and Harajuku girls with the biggest hair colour trend for s/s '11:
Pastel Pink & Neon Blue
Foam Green Strands

And I can't imagine it will be long before we start seeing hair stencils in street style photos from across the globe:

(photo: Bleach London)


Marthaamay O_o said...

Stencils were something I was excited to try when I was younger... But it doesn't work! The hair has to be still all the time, otherwise it just looks like you have patchy hair! There is a technique called a halo which is the next step better, when a lighter ring of colour is dyed around your crown, a talented hairdresser is need though I think!

This dip dye look is working pretty well for my head at the moment, I am growing out bright blonde, and leaving my natural blonde coming through at the top, so far it's grown out to the tops of my ears, so it almost looks like I'm keeping up with the hair trends! They change so fast!

The Tiny Atelier said...
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The Tiny Atelier said...

The issue with the stencils was exactly what I was thinking but it'll look good in editorial so I still think there'll be a few people wearing it come the shows in autumn