Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Not Your Granny's Crafts - Stour Space Designers Market

While crafting has been hip for quite a few years now - with the love affair for everything from knitting to macrame being rekindled - Stour Space are offering the cool kids of London town (and anyone visiting E3) something with a little more edge.
Stour Space is a unique non profit exhibition and performance space devoted to the promotion of art, design and creative opportunities with a focus on supporting the development of Tower Hamlets which boasts one of the largest concentrations of artists in the world.

And on the last Saturday of every month they open their doors to the public so we can be a part of this thriving entrepreneurial scene.

 I dropped a line to Rebecca Whyte, director of SS, to find out a little more about the Designers Markets - a small but popular part of what the space does - and what they're all about:

"The market is one of many events but follows the same motive of trying to support the local arts economy and also promoting the unique and interesting work made by individuals and creative companies. Its important to us that there are still affordable places for artists and makers to promote their work."

TTA has also been lucky enough to take a sneak peek at what's on offer at the Designers Market from Saturday 26th March onwards:
Le Muse Clothing

Evocative designs which focus on quality fabric and the way it drapes and moves on the body and adapts to each person wearing it. Each piece is worn by its owner rather than the garments wearing them.


A range of innovative interior products including the 'Orbital' light and 'Wide Awake' lamp shaped by a number of disciplines from industrial design to sculpture, this company has a strong ethical stance with an environmentally friendly conscience.

An indie label crammed full of girly nostalgia in the form of cute handmade accessories including this Tiny Tiny Teddy Bear Brooch and Reversible Collar with its 'found in Grandma's attic' vibe.
Eat My Heart Out

Photographer Rhea Daley-Serieux captures images of the society around her with sepia and monochromatic tones adding a gritty edge while still capturing its true beauty - images such as 'Somerset House' will seduce fashionistas while 'Routemyster' will appeal to Europhiles with its use of iconic imagery.


So whether you're just a day tripper or an East London lady or lad, if you have a penchant for well made, thought provoking, cutting edge design in any of its many forms (plus tea and cake from the Counter Cafe) head to Stour Space @ 7 Roach Road, Fish Island every last Saturday - support the local creative scene while picking yourself up a possible future antique!

Want to find out more about Stour Space, the Designers Market or to apply for a market stall? Visit www.stourspace.co.uk or go their Facebook page.

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