Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Tee's Tease

Fellow blogger Marthaa has recently pondered about her dilemma in finding tops that go with skirts she buys which made me think about my love of fine, loose, slouchy jersey tees. I especially love them slightly tucked in to a fitted skirt or pair of shorts...

(Satsuma scoop neck tee, £12. Basic shell top, £10. Both Topshop)

(Pointelle jersey top, £7.99, H&M)

 (Striped tee, £17.99. Polka dot tee, £9.99. Both Zara.)

(Print tee, £19.99. Burnout cape tee, £19.99. Both River Island)

Each pic is linked up to the website so, Marthaa, get clicking!


Marthaamay O_o said...

OH! You are a star!
I love the dotty one, the shape and the sleeves are really comfy looking, I went to order it now, but remembered my letter box is too small to take deliveries when I'm at work.. (I have to time orders to luck!)
BUT good news! I'm off tomorrow, and will make Zara my pitstop!
The Burn out cape Tee from RI is really nice too.

Tops will be bought, I shall shy away no more uhuh uhuh! _Thanks to TinyA!

The Tiny Atelier said...

Glad you like, it occured to me it was a much easier way to show what I meant. And we have exactly the same issue with our letter box. I feel tormented every time I see a post office redelivery card!

Marthaamay O_o said...

I went today but was in a rush and couldn't find the dot top.. It was coming close to rush hour too, and Oxford Street tube station is hell. I'll look again on Friday!

The Tiny Atelier said...

i hope you track it down and am looking forward to seeing how you style it :)

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