Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Because You Can't Have The Good Without The Bad & The Ugly

While looking at gorgeous gowns is always going to be fun, laughing at fashion disasters is always more entertaining. Here's the worst of the worst from the Costume Institute Gala 2011.

Is this made of leather? Or fur? Is it a strange homage to Gaga's meat dress? And how on earth is it staying up?

While this is a very pretty dress it leaves me wondering if anyone bothered to tell Kirsten Dunst that this was an evening event...and a Ball!

Loses points for channelling Bjork's dead swan Oscar's dress

Another day, another Olsen Twin drowning in her clothes
Poor man's attempt at Royal Wedding chic - how ironic that her debut album was titled 'Dutchess'

There are no words...

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