Sunday, 8 May 2011

Cute Cuticles, Bodacious Beds and Natty Nails

Looking for a little nail inspiration this weekend to trend up your talons? Then look no further than session manicurist Jenny Longworth.

A firm favourite of pop star Jessie J, Longworth has created looks for glossy magazines and catwalk shows from Ashish to Moschino.

Jenny's style is definitely not for the faint of heart - from long 'witchy' talons to animal prints and stripes - but for anyone who sees their nails as a blank canvas crying out to be coloured while still covering seasonal trends, then look no further:

"I was a bit of rude girl growing up and loved the ghetto fab look. I was obsessed with Crazy Moschino, gold jewellery and nail art. All of the above are still a really big part of my look and I try and translate this into a fashion context through my work."

The best part? Longworth's nail designs are also totally DIY-able (with a little time and patience)! She even shows you step-by-step instructions to create the Minnie Mouse nails over at i-D Magazine.

For those with a little less time try one of these easily dupable styles or use them as inspiration for your own fingertip fabulousness

Done here in black and white, try these stripes in different colour combinations depending on the season, your mood or what you're wearing:

Barry M in Matt White & Black

One of the easiest DIYs thanks to nail stamping sets (available at Konad Nails) and a pop of bright pink polish:
Barry M in Strawberry Ice Cream

For this black on bright animal print you'll need a steady hand and a fine brush:
Barry M in Cobalt Blue

(all nail colours available from Boots, Superdrug & Barry M Online)

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Alison said...

Ahh thanks for posting the link to the tutorial of the Minnie Mouse nails! Can't wait to try it out!!