Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Banging On About Bangs

So on Monday we watched the first episode of E4s new 'entertainment documentary' Dirty Sexy Things - hoping that it would be more Model Agency 'real' than the cheesy (but still addictive) Made In Chelsea (thankfully it was somewhere inbetween). But it wasn't the scantily clad models running around London that caught my attention, it was Perou's first assistant Clara Maidment - and more notably her fringe.

It's not often I get fringe envy (hair envy, yes!) but I suddenly had to have her blunt heavy bangs. So yesterday I started slowly snipping away at my own locks to get the look. So far, so good - I always find the real test with a full straight fringe is getting it to look the same after it's been washed for the first time...we shall see.

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Beauty Anon said...

I want to see a picture please! xx