Friday, 1 July 2011

The Hoarder, The Blog & The Wardrobe

After reading a lot of posts from A Pair & A Spare about her wardrobe essentials and wardrobe rehab I've decided to have an honest to goodness wardrobe cull. I'm one of those people who keeps EVERYTHING! Tee's that I would never ever wear again but have some vague sentimental attention...Keep! Leggings covered in holes...Keep! Clothes which don't really fit my style but could come in useful for a) the beach b) a job interview etc etc...Keep! A whole chunk will be ebayed, some will be making their way to the TTA shop and others will head to the charity shop.

So, in honour of my first tentative steps into creating a more capsule wardrobe and defining my style here is the first of many Outfit of the Day posts...

Denim Jacket...Topshop. Nude Jersey Dress...H&M. White Leather Bag...Betsey Johnson. Faux Leather Belt...Zara. Watch...Casio.

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