Saturday, 16 July 2011

Wardrobe Rehab: Denim To Do, Denim To Don't

As part of my wardrobe rehab programme I decided the first step was a massive denim cull. To be fair this was pretty easy as I live and die in three pairs of jeans but it was surprising how much denim I'd accrued but didn't wear.

As for the keepers, you'll have seen them make a couple of appearances in outfit posts recently. Skinny fit with a proper high waist, Topshop's Kristen jeans have made it into my new more organised capsule wardrobe. Because I found a style that fit and suited I did that thing that I would always laugh at the women in Elle's Closet Confidential for...that's right, I bought them in all three available colours!

Over the years I've bought a hell of a lot of denim in various styles and washes from Topshop but inevitably I've always ended up disappointed...boyfriend, ankle grazer, skinny, super skinny - there was always something just a little bit 'not quite right'. So I'm a little bit heartbroken that TS have stopped making these exact Kristens, though an updated version is still available here I've tried them and the fit isn't as good in my opinion. I'm even sadder to say that my beloved black version got a great big rip in the thigh yesterday while having lunch alfresco...I haven't yet decided whether to carefully sew the tear up, try some safety pins inspired by the DIYs in my previous post or rip them all over (gulp!)...
Topshop also do a high waisted denim short which is basically the shorter sister of my favourites but since I'm not much of a jeans shorts wearer I was never tempted to splurge the £32. But I couldn't resist picking up a practically unworn pair in indigo today from Oxfam when I saw they where priced at just £2.99.

So, that's the denim section of my new wardrobe step is another staple - T-Shirts (this will take a looooooot longer).

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