Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Look Your Best At The Fest - Summer Festival Fashion Guide

Whether you're a V-Fest virgin or a Download devotee you're sure to know the importance of a festival wardrobe - you need to pack light but still be festi-fabulous.

Like any good wardrobe, start with the basics - vests and leggings for layering, a kick-ass pair of shorts and a light weight jacket:

Topshop Boutique Cashmere Vest
TFNC Parka

H&M Denim Shorts

Oasis Jersey Leggings

From here you can add a few key pieces to make you stand out from the crowds. Why not take inspiration from these fest aficionados who nail their looks at Glasto, Isle of Wight and Coachella every year...

Keep an eclectic outfit like Eliza Dolittle's still looking styled to perfection by sticking to just a couple of colours from the same palette:

Headdress - Bitching & Junkfood. Tie Front Tank - Topshop. Print Shirt - Rokit Recycled.

For a hippy look take note from the Queen of Ethereal - Florence Welch

Dress - Love. Knee Highs - Miss Selfridge. Ankle Boots - Topshop.

For an easy, laid back look take styling tips from Coachella fan Diane Kruger

Fedora - Country Attire. Tie Side Tank - Topshop. Maxi Skirt - River Island.
Now you've picked your festival attire you need to style them up with a select few high impact pieces to make sure that you're style snapper ready:

Go for clip on earrings like these from Treasure Box (£31.50) made with wood, shell and howlite.

Or try a feathered ear cuff from Regal Rose (£15).
We all know American Apparel likes a multi-functional garment and their sheer jersey scarves (£36 for 3 - shown here in teal, heather grey & light pink) are no different - try as a turban to cover final day hair.

A pouch bag with a long strap will be a summer festival staple - large enough to hold all your daily essentials with the added benefit of being able to wear it across body while bopping to your favourite bands (Urban Outfitters - £38).
For shades the shape of the season is circular - splurge with Ray Ban's 3447 style (£108 - available from Sunglasses Shop)...
 ...or snap up these Cheap Monday copies (via ASOS) for just £18!

The resurgance of the 90s flatform shows no signs of fading but for festival season skip sandals and head straight for a chunky plimsoll - guarenteed to make the walk through the mud to the tents easier while working with any outfit. Try Vans Authentics at Office from £30.
Finish any outfit off with a pre-requisite festival wristband, plenty of sunscreen and a big smile!


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