Thursday, 9 June 2011

Marc Jacobs Gets Carter

To some it may seem the most unlikely of pairings, with the advertisements star gracing many a worst dressed list. But Marc Jacobs has chosen Helena Bonham Carter to be the face of his newest campaign...

[photo:Juergen Teller]

It's the American's who seem to have fallen for HBC's uncompromising style (despite the fact that eccentric fashion is usually the preserve of us Brits) with US Vanity Fair naming her as one of its Best Dressed for 2010.

Tellingly it was Marc Jacobs Helena wore to the Screen Actor's Guild Awards a few months ago, despite the fact the actress is rarely seen at events in anything but Vivienne Westwood...

She's clearly becoming more of a household name over in the US of A, with The King's Speech and Harry Potter films under her belt, and MJ is a designer who is known to take risks. So while some may criticise, others will revel in the fact that finally someone with a strong personal style is being given even just 5 minutes in the spotlight by the fashion industry...wasn't it getting a little boring seeing pages of Rachel Zoe-styled robots???

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