Sunday, 26 June 2011

Thing's Are Still Flo'ing At The Atelier

So I've been missing from the blog this past week (again - I'm sorry!) due to the fact I've been organising some jewellery pieces from the Atelier plus displays for a new Hull stockist - Bella Flo.

Sophie, the owner, handpicked a selection of vintage charm necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings for her shop...I then had the task of labelling, pricing and and turning an old drawer (courtesy of Eleanor, one of our store's VMs) into a suitable display.

This is the original drawer, acquired from a junk shop and with a quick splash of lemon emulsion to use for a high level at work.

After a few hours sanding and a new coat of paint plus a vintage fabric covered 'pillow' the draw was set for a new life at Bella...

I used a stamping set to create the price labels and earring backing cards, then pinned them to the satin pad.

I picked up the vintage-look jewellery stand from a homewares shop down the street (I also have the larger version in gold which I use to hang my necklaces so they don't end up in a big knotted mess).

Next week's task is collecting all the stock from the other stockist, Co-Co Rose, re-labelling and pricing everything and changing some of the stock around. While Bella is more of a couture boutique with handmade gowns, Co-Co is a straight up and re-worked vintage shop so I can stock it with more kitsch pieces - vintage plastic fruit charm bracelets and over sized vintage plastic daisy studs!

For now it's back to the garden to continue in my quest to turn a vintage abacus into an earring stand...will let you know how it goes.