Sunday, 12 June 2011

Look Your Best At The Fest - Summer Festival Hair Guide

And so the final part of The Tiny Atelier Summer Festival Guide.

While I'm sure you'll get to the fest with super clean, shiny, soft hair it's doubtful that even after one day of rain, sun, mud, dancing and running to and from tents it'll still look that way.

The first defense in solving these hair dramas should be a can of dry shampoo. Bumble & Bumble hair powder has always been hailed as one of the best - available in a range of colours to match your hair.

If you need a cheaper option opt for Batiste dry shampoo. You can now buy their product in blond through brunette shades but if you opt for a fragranced version you won't need to pack body spray or perfume - my personal favourite is Tropical, with its summery coconut scent:

TIP: Spray dry shampoo on to roots and throughout the hair before going to bed. The pillow will rub off any excess white powder meaning you won't have the appearance of grey hair in the morning!
Hair 'up' is likely to be your best option for a long weekend where there's no chance of washing it on day two. Execute the style before you go to save packing tools - though do pop an extra few kirby grips, hair fasteners and mini can of hairspray into your bag (TTA recommends L'oreal Elnett Flexible):

The top knot is a great style for a festival - it gets all of your hair up and away from your face and is one of few hair dos that actually looks good when its messy. Up keep is super easy...if a few stands pop out just push them into the nearest kirby grip. To create this style simply sweep hair up into a high ponytail, coil the hair around the base of the pony, secure with kirby grips, spray with hairspray!

A side braid is a great option if you have the length. Click here to watch a video on how to create an Alexander Wang style plait.

If you have longer hair why not try this style the day before to leave you with soft waves?

Hair accessories are also key for festival hair. Not only can you use them to compliment your outfit but they can hide and detract from a multitude of hair sins..

Try a turban to hide dirty roots and to keep a wayward fringe under control - ASOS, £8

Go OTT with this flower headband from River Island, £15

Pull hair into a low or half ponytail then simply clip these gingham bow accessories across your crown - Topshop, £6

If you're glamping rather than camping, why not opt for a handmade feather headband by Pearl & Ivy, £25
If all else fails, pop a straw hat on and forget it about....just choose from '70s wide brim floppy hat, trilby or bowler

ASOS £20

Brixton £45

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