Saturday, 11 June 2011

Why Are You Here? There's Nothing Here For You!

"you're an intelligent individual with plenty of
common sense. i repeat: there is nothing here for you.
unless, of course, you want to go big. unless, you are smart and sophisticated enough to understand and appreciate the quality of a handcrafted one-of-a-kind statement piece that actually makes a statement. unless you want to break necks and drop jaws. then let us welcome you to a-morir. by definition accessories are supplemental; there is no need to be practical. so go big. go hard, and go far"

with love, 'till death,

In May I wrote about a selection of DIYs I was hoping to do (here) including a crazy concoction of chains attached to a pair of shades as an OTT sunglasses chain. Then I came across this image of model Amber Rose wearing vintage Chanel...
[sunglasses: vintage Chanel from Resurrection Vintage, LA]

They where instantly copied at budget prices and clearly have DIY potential but if you're in the market for a pair of one-of-a-kind shades then check out celebrity favourite A-Morir by Kerin-Rose!

Rhianna - Love Hate Pearl style

Nikki Minaj - Schubert style

Katy Perry - Dekker style

Tyra Banks - Sabotage style


These ain't subtle (or cheap) but they are a painstakingly handmade product (not mass produced, low quality like most of the Chanel knock offs) that, while they may not necessarily appear to be a 'classic' item, would probably be much appreciated if you handed them down to your granddaughter in years to come - or at the very least she'd be impressed that her granny had such kick-ass style...
Lux ($350) - Swarovski crystal embellished frames with beveled metal eyebrow pieces
Libertine ($280) - hand paved Swarovski crystal silver frame topped with tiara

Kaoma (£800) - frames fully encrusted in 24 Karat gold Swarovski crystals and draped with 5 gold chains
Roth (£500) -individually hand inked with leopard pattern, encrusted with Swarovski crystals

Bootsy ($275) - laced with crystal pyramid 'studs' and rhinestones in metal settings

Mars ($300) - U shaped 'horns' above either lens, encrusted with red/blue Swarovski crystals

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